Are you an investor who is interested in seeking a more financially secure future? Are you a potential investor who is apprehensive about investing in today’s market? Or are you a financial advisor who is searching for a more responsible way of conducting business?

Wall Street and large banks are under siege. There are many rogue traders and advisors. The financial services industry may be broken, but with Bernie Unger’s must-read book, Financial Fallout, you can learn how to devise a strategy that will ultimately provide you with the highest degree of financial protection. After spending twenty years in the industry as a financial planner, Bernie has learned to identify problems and apply simple, easy-to-implement solutions that are suitable for virtually every investor in America. You will learn how to deconstruct the way you receive financial advice, and you will be motivated to demand that your advisor provide you with a high level of service and competence. Financial advisors can also use this book as a tool to transition to a new, trustworthy methodology so they can provide their clients with a level of service that they have never before experienced.

Delve into the powerful and eye-opening Financial Fallout today and learn how to keep the financial mistakes of the past from creeping in to your future.


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